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Closing Ceremony Remarks
EcoSummit 2012 October 5, 2012
Columbus, Ohio

William J. Mitsch, EcoSummit 2012 Chair

It is now my obligation to bring EcoSummit 2012 to an end.

First, thanks to all of the 1600 registered delegates who attended. I hope you were completely satisfied with the conference and thank you for your investment in it.

Second, we appreciate all of the corporations and organizations who made substantial contributions as cash or in-kind, to EcoSummit. It could not have happened without your support. The organizations are listed in the conference Program Book.

Third, I want to once again thank the staff and organizers at Ohio State University and MORPC for all of the splendid local arrangements, field trips, and AV amenities. I want to particularly thank Lynn McCready from ORWRP/OSU, and Amy Lowe, Michael Daniels, Chester Jourdan, Jerry Tinianow and Marilyn Brown for especially substantive contributions from MORPC.

Fourth, I would like to thank the 29 members of the EcoSummit Committee for their support and contributions. Special recognition to Larry Li as co-chair, to Maciej Zaleski for starting the Columbus Declaration draft, and for Alexi Stokes for agreeing to take on EcoSummit 2016.

Finally a special thanks to the professional societies Ecological Society of America (ESA), the International Association of Ecology (INTECOL), and Society for Ecological Restoration International (SER) for contributing their names and support to EcoSummit 2012.

Thank you all and see you all in France in 2016!

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