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Every month, EcoSummit 2012 creates an e-newsletter to highlight the event speakers, activities and conference partners that make EcoSummit 2012 a respected, highly anticipated international meeting of the brightest minds in ecology. Below are links to current and past editions.

September 2012 Newsletter

- Register Now for MORPC's 2012 Summit on Sustainability & the Environment
- The EcoSummit Top Ten
- Ecological Assets
- idUS: A Celebration of Innovation and Design
- Last Minute EcoSummit 2012 Updates

August 2012 Newsletter

- Food Security to Be Addressed at EcoSummit 2012
- Sustainability at the Forefront of Green Events Guide and Green Ribbon Program
- Register Now for MORPC's 2012 Summit on Sustainability & the Environment
- A Celebration of Silent Spring
- EcoSummit 2012 International Film Festival: Call for Submissions

July 2012 Newsletter

- Letter from the Conference Chair
- 52 Years of Climate Science: The Byrd Polar Research Center
- Mid-Conference Tour of Ohio’s Wetlands and Bird Sanctuaries
- EcoSummit 2012 to Feature Film Festival

June 2012 Newsletter

- Letter from the EcoSummit 2012 Host Committee Chair
- A Field Trip to Stone Lab
- Welcome to Columbus: Building a Sustainable Neighborhood
- Where Science and Policy Meet
- E.O. Wilson Draws the Connections Between Mankind and Forest Floor

May 2012 Newsletter

- Ecological Sustainability: Restoring the Planet’s Ecosystem Services
- Nobel Winner to Address EcoSummit 2012
- Welcome to Columbus
- Connecting a City to its Natural Treasures
- The Role of the Business Community in Restoring our Ecosystems

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